The weather has been very up and down, raining one minute, hot the next. It's frustrating to plan our duke walks let alone plan a goddamn outfit. Layers it is! These pants are comfy af, and I have a pair of black, and mustard yellow ones that are going around in rotation pretty heavily. I wear them to work with a simple tee or out for coffee with a tank and some jewelry. 

Sassy AF. 
Mr. Duke is quite clearly the best part of this whole outfit, he's way cuter than me and such a good lil' poser haha. He has been so grumpy with the rain but luckily it was his birthday this past week and got to gobble down a burger. He had cancer last year, I think he earned that burger for sure. What a good guy. 
Outfit: Top/shoes-Winners, Pants-Dynamite, Necklaces-Miss Boss, Sunnies-Red Ribbon, Jean Jacket-F21 (old)