I have yet to encounter a client come in who does not have tightness in their hips. Tight hips are a very common problem for a lot of individuals, myself included. Whether the cause be from a sedentary lifestyle causing the muscles to shorten and become weak, or overuse causing them to become overactive and tight, both need help to perform proper range of motion. Releasing, stretching and performing dynamic movement can help create a lot more mobility through the hips and can help you squat deeper, improve your posture or alleviate pain. 

Release work 

Grab a lacrosse ball, place it about 2 inches to the left or right of your bellybutton but still along the inside of your hip bone. Place a heavy object such as a kettle ball on top and apply pressure, this one can be difficult to locate but is very helpful to release. Hold down for 60 seconds or more before moving on
Lay with your quad on the foam roller, but closer to your hip joint to release the quad muscle that attaches over your hip. Again roll until you find a spot that is uncomfortable then apply pressure for 60 seconds or more


Deep Lunge
Bring leg outside hands, maintain proper posture (not rounding through shoulders here) other leg can be straight or with knee on the ground  hold 30s each side
Half Kneeling Side Lunge 
Have the one leg bent with knee on ground, sink into that side to feel a stretch along inner thigh

Banded Distractions

Helps move you in and out of the range of motion create space in the joint.
 Push hips forward while band pulls back on you, move in and out of this position 10x
Pigeon pose, have the band attached to inside of thigh, move side to side in this position 10x

Dynamic Mobility 

 90 90 shin switches, create a z with legs, keep one foot planted as you move hips over and switch which leg is in the front position, back and forth 10x. Try to perform drill without using hands to support
 Quadruped to thread through. In a quadruped position (hands under shoulders, knees under hips) place weight on right hands and kick right leg through (bottom photo) and then come back to starting position 10x per side 

Standing hip hurdles. Bring knee up and open hip to side and then back, without shifting weight too much try to maintain upright position. From back position bring it all the way back to front. 10x per leg.