1. Plank Row 20 seconds per arm

Weight over one arm extended on the box or bench, plank position  from knees or toes and perform a single arm row, elbow coming in tight to the body. 

 2. Extended arm Windmill 20 seconds per side

Feet shoulder distance apart, one leg pointed out slightly, extend arm overhead, sink into one side push hip out, and come back to standing straight. Photo is the end range of motion, for starting standing straight up with one arm extended overhead 

3. Single leg Squat 20 seconds per side 

Hold kettlebell or weight in front, sink into one leg come down until seated and push up to standing. 

4. Squat to rotate and press 20 seconds per side

Sink into a squatted position, as you come up rotate off the one toe and turn to overhead press. A little bit like a golf swing in the way you twist off the back leg and rotate through torso.  

5. Single Arm Swing (to snatch if you can) 20 seconds per arm

Ensure you're creating a hinge pattern, and pop through the hips without arching the lower back

 6.  Curtsy Lunge (dog optional) 20 seconds per leg 

Sink into hip and bring leg behind and down, push off front leg to come back up to standing