Outfit: Coat-BB dakota from miss boss, Dress-f21, boots-Payless (old), tights-Simons, Necklace-Noul and Saraswati, Rings-Noul 

Whelp, it's finally happened. Winter is here and it's -19 with a windchill of -29. Yeah.....welcome to Canada. My eyes are burning as I walk to work, it's brutal. But it also means it's time to bust out the winter coats, cozy sweaters and layer up. I have to admit I was so happy to bust this baby out, not only is it cozy as hell but it's so cute. It's so important here to have a load of warm coats and having a good choice of cute ones really helps. 
I think sweater dresses are going to be my go-to for the next few weeks of cold temperatures. Sweater dresses and fleece lined tights, a girl can't go wrong for that. Warm, cozy and stylish! It's hard to hit all those things on the list in this climate!
xo Jenna