So after being rear ended 2 weeks ago I have been pretty limited in my mobility and therefore my exercise regime has gone down to light cardio, lots of stretching and release work. As frustrating as this is, it could be much worse and after I'm done with physio my body is going to be so good to go!
I thought I would share some of the release and stretch work I've been doing since there are so many people also suffering from neck issues. These occur not just from accidents, but from improper posture, overtraining of certain areas, and poor mechanics when exercising.

1. Release: Lats, I use the foam roller for this one and lay along my side to the foam roller is positioned on my back just below the arm pit. Hold for 30-60s at each point that feels pain. I spend about 5 minutes per side, moving it along different points of pain
Upper Traps: You can use a ball against a wall but a barbell racked works really well for this one, find the point of pain and push against the bar for 30-60s at each point of pain
Scalenes: These guys run along the side of your neck and can get very tight if your head pokes forward (a lot of people do this while looking at a phone or computer) or improper breathing while exercising, not breathing into the low belly but using upper part of the chest cavity. Hold along each point again 30-60s, I find these especially painful. 

2. Stretch it out. Bring your head to one side use your hand to apply pressure and hold 30s at different points, this combined with the release should help increase range of motion. 
Bring hand behind back and try to force your shoulders down, bring head to opposite side and hold for 30s each side, your should feel this in the upper traps as well 

3. Exercises. Grab a towel, hold around back of the head, hold tight and pull forward while pushing your head into the towel for about 10s, relax repeat 3x. Move towel to the forhead and repeat 3x. 
Laying on a foam pad, do basically the same thing but this time your arms can relax, push head into block 10s relax. Repeat with face down. 
Sit with back to the wall, bring arm straight by head and try to touch wall with the thumb. Repeat 10reps both sides. If this is painful for the neck, stop. 

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