If one more person says they "need to get their beach body" ready I'm gunna snap. 

This narrative of needing to fix our bodies to be "summer ready" is so destructive to our mental health and creates unnecessary anxiety in a lot of individuals. I have seen so many friends opt out of fun summer activities because they didn't want to be in a swimsuit, heard countless individuals talk about their extreme (and unhealthy) approaches to slimming down for summer. Extreme exercise, starvation, laxatives etc, all so they will look a certain way in shorts/bikini. That makes me sad, and angry and I want every single one of these individuals to feel beautiful because they are beautiful and perfect as they are!! 
I am not exempt from this, years and years of being bombarded with these messages will make you take them to heart. Especially when I was younger, and less confident, I remember feeling panicked as the days got warmer, my body wasn't ready for public consumption! And that's what it is, having it ready for other people instead of being happy with it for you. As an adult lady I love going to the beach and pool and seeing all the different bodies, of all shapes and sizes, and all of them amazing and capable. We all have our own insecurities but that shouldn't stop us from going and enjoying our summer wardrobes and summer activities. 

1. First and foremost, your body is a beach body if your body is at the beach

2. I don't need to work on a "summer body" I need to get my hiking bod ready, get my lungs conditioned to going uphill at a steep incline for hours. I need to get my outdoor soccer, bike riding and stair climbing legs ready. 

3. My worth (and yours) is so much more than how I (and you) look in a goddamn swimsuit!!

4. Which for the record is amazing...our perceived imperfections and all. Just like all my other badass bitches out there rocking every shape, size and colour.

So take that body to the beach and enjoy your beach body my loves <3