Lunge with Thoracic Rotation:

Hold 30 seconds both ways, get your chest as open as you can.

 Seated Upper Trap Stretch: 

Holding onto the bench grab your head and slowly tip it to the side stretching out your upper trap and neck. Hold 30 seconds both sides

 Standing Lunge with Thoracic Rotation: 

A bit different from the first one, lunge, and rotate to the side of your front leg. So if you lunge with the right leg, rotate to the right side. 30 seconds hold both side. 

Upper Trap/Pec stretch: 

Reach hands behind the back, clasp your hands and rotate your chest open and shoulders down. 30 second hold 

Upper Trap Stretch: 

Bring your hand behind your back and rotate your head to the other side. Hold 30 seconds