Back in the day, I used to work in a bathing suit shop and it was there that I became addicted to swimwear. Previously I would have one suit for a I have 10 for one season!

Florals/Sport style

Are florals ever not in for spring/summer? I love this print because it's super feminine in a style that reminds me of my sports bras. So it's hella comfy, unfortunately my bootay was too big for the matching bottoms, but I do love me a set.

I find this amazing and awesome especially because over the year's I've struggled with body image issues. Like everyone, there's bits and pieces I would obsess over, 10 years ago I would have never had the balls to do a post like this. After all my surgeries I decided my body was amazing and I would love it more, especially with all my badass scars. 

 Mix & Match

Mix and match is most certainly my go-to. Not everyone's tops and bottom halfs match in size! Mine certainly don't so it's awesome to find styles of bottoms you love and mix it with funky tops. This season this pineapple top is my favourite, because, pineapples!

 Red Hot

A bright red bikini, need I say more? So good. 
I wish my sunburn didn't perfectly match this suit though.......

 The One Piece

Surprisingly this is my first one piece in years! But when I saw this pineapple print I fell in love. I wasn't expecting it to be so high cut in the booty area, can't say I'm mad though! Just glad I did those extra squats ;)  I think I'll be getting more one pieces in the future, so cute! Also, throw a pair of shorts on and viola, you have a cute top