1. Push up to Rotation
Keep hips stacked one on another to come into a semi side plank position, rotate back down so hands are under shoulders and perform pushup

2. Elevated Bicycle crunches 
Rotate upper half towards knee and switch back and forth while moving knees in and out. Keep core very tight. 
3. Decline Mountain Climbers 
High plank position, bring knee in towards your chest while maintaining a flat back, alternate. 

4. Side Lunges
Sink into hip and have feet facing forward. Squeeze your glutes to come back to neutral and repeat. 

5. Squat 
Can use pupper or just bodyweight. Sink into hips squeeze glutes to come back to standing!

Round 1: 45 seconds (each for side lunges)
Round 2: 30 seconds (each for side lunges)
Round 3: 30 seconds  (each for side lunges)
Round 4: 20 seconds (each for side lunges)