I've loved fashion and style since I was a kid playing dress up in my moms clothes & watching Fashion files (anyone else?). I love seeing whats trending for fall, spring, and adding new pieces to my wardrobe. However, I have, in the past fallen victim to buying too many trendy pieces and not enough staples. Or just getting things I love and realizing there is no place for a floor length gown in my wardrobe (I wear workout clothes 6 days a week for work). 
I've created a few shopping/wardrobe rules for myself in the past few years that seem to help: 
1. Get rid of anything you haven't worn in over a year & donate it to goodwill.  
2. Only buy pieces that will go with at least 3 other things

3. Buy better quality and try to buy locally made clothes. This especially for staples, a plain white tee, good jeans, a good blazer, cozy sweater etc are things that will always be in style and therefore if they're good quality you won't have to replace them all the time. Pact has amazing quality staples, and the girls at Poppy Barley make an excellent, quality shoe!
4. Sprinkle in trendy items through accessories. You won't spend as much on them and won't end up with a mish mash of stuff in your closet.
5. Try clothing swaps, I've gone to a few, it's a good way to get rid of old stuff and find new things without spending any money and thrifting/recycling is always better for the environment. I found this super cozy gap sweater at my last swap!
6. Go through your closet and purge at least 2x a year.