This is Darcy's favourite recipe, he makes it allll the time. He got it from Chelsea's Messy Kitchen and we switched it a teeny bit, he can't eat shrimp so we skipped them, added in a couple different spices and went for it!
2 packages spicy organic pork or turkey sausages 
2 packages precooked jasmine rice (or use already cooked brown rice) 
3 green onions
3 peppers
2 white onions
1 container grape tomatoes 
1 small container mushrooms 
2 T smoked paprika 
2 T chili flakes 
2 T creole seasoning
2 T italian seasoning 

1. Slice onion, peppers, lengthwise into long slim pieces, cut sausages into small coins. Preheat oven to 425 F, toss the onion, peppers, sausages with olive oil, 1/2 T of creole seasoning and 1/2 italian seasonings. Cook for 8 minutes
2. Add in the halved tomatoes mix around, cook for another 8 minutes 
3. Add in the rice and mix in the rest of the spices and chopped green onions, cook for 2 minutes