Outfit: Top-Noul, Jacket-H&M (old), Jeans-Dynamite, Shoes-Zara, Necklaces-Saraswati, eliasz and ella, Ring-Vintage, Sunnies-F21

This marble printed top is basically the only thing I own that's white. If you're clumsy like me, that makes sense to you, if not well let me elaborate. This was the first time I had worn this, I was trying very hard not to spill on it, as I took it off I smeared lipstick on the inside. ^&%^. Every.damn.time. But that's what a good detergent is for I suppose. 
I couldn't pass this beauty up though, marble printed, business in the front, party in the back and feels like a dream. It's such a lovely piece that I immediately had to pair it with a motorcycle jacket and more masculine details. I really love mixing typically more feminine pieces with edgier ones, I've always liked the balance it hits. 
Also, it's Dec 1 and barely any snow, I'm doing my happy dance