After setting goals it becomes important to actually follow through with them. Saying you're going to do something but not actually making a plan to move forward won't work. 

1. Use a daytimer/white board/chalkboard and visually map out what day you're going to start. I find it useful to mark what days/times of the week you're going to work out. I even write what I'm doing each day (ex. Tuesday 7k run, wednesday lower body strength etc) 
2. Get a workout buddy. Tons of my friends are always talking about losing weight/getting active, find someone with similar goals and hit the gym together. It can even be a coworker, who you can workout/go for a walk with on your lunch breaks. A dog also makes an excellent workout partner, I'm always running mine and taking him on adventures, he keeps me moving. 
3. Get a trainer. Even if it's just to get the basics, especially if you're new to exercise and don't know where to start. It's important to find one with a great education to ensure you have a good experience, look for someone who has is a CSEP-CPT or CSEP-CEP, this means they have at least two full years of education. There is SO much more to exercise then reps and sets, having someone with this knowledge is important.