Outfit: Hat-MEC, Jacket-Gift, Tank-f21, Shoes/Jeans-Zara, Necklaces-Eliza & Ella, Saraswati Designs, Purse-Calvin Klein

. I don't know how anyone can live in a place where it's cloudy all the time. My energy level is looow when it's gloomy out, and it's hard to stay positive I find. Both myself and Duke are more likely to want to stay in bed than explore. But alas I am a grown up who prides myself on being active so I dig deep and drag both of our butts out to explore. 
A lovely dose of sunshine is exactly what we needed over the last few days to really perk up our moods and leave us feeling a little more inspired.It would appear the 10 days we spent without sun has really played a role in influencing my sartorial choices. The sky is blue the sun is out and I'm wearing a lot of grey. Oh well, this hat is just too damn comfortable, I basically live in it now. So if you see a pom pom bouncing along someone slowly jogging in the river valley, gimme a wave. It's never leaving my head until May. 
xo Jenna