Goal setting is an incredibly important part of the fitness process, one that a lot of people neglect. Without setting an attainable goal it become super easy to get discouraged and lose focus. It's pretty simple to set a fitness goal, just make sure it's S.M.A.R.T. Meaning: 

Specific: Saying “I am going to be healthier this month” is too general, it needs to be more specific such as “I am going to exercise 3x a week and cut down the refined sugar I consume”
Measurable: This means you can keep track and hold yourself accountable to it, such as going to the gym 3x a week or losing a specific amount of weight.
Actionable: This means you’re going to chose things you actually enjoy and are comfortable doing. Also are actually doable such as losing  x amount of weight in x time frame.
Relevant: These goals are important to you, they are something that has meaning and therefore you are willing to stick to.
Time Based: You have a reasonable time frame to achieve these goals in; you have an end date

For example: I want to get stronger, so I'm going to test how heavy I can squat, deadlift, row and bench press. Then I will create a program where I lift 3x a week for 6 weeks and then retest how heavy I can go. 
Writing your goals down also acts as a visual reminder, and can be very helpful. Using tracking apps can also be really great at keeping you on track and accountable!