Outfit: Dress/necklace-F21, Jacket-H&M (old), Boots-Nine West, Bag-Calvin Klein, Ring-The Bay

I have never been a fan of turtle necks, not because of the aesthetic but because they make me feel like I am slowly, gently being choked to death. I guess I'm claustrophobic. But seen as you can't swing a stick in a store without knocking over 10 different turtle necks this fall I thought I'd give them another go. This one is not as severe as some of the other ones out there. It's more of a mock neck, baby steps for me. It's super comfortable so it's got that going for it and has some subtle sparkle so I guess I like it. 
The chunkier knit and short jacket is a combination I really love gravitate towards right now. I'm so glad I held onto this moto jacket, the colours are always great for autumn. It's always nice when you rediscover something in your own wardrobe, it saves the wallet from being tempted into buying more things. I'm a bit of spend thrift right now so that's right up my alley
xo Jenna