Bosu is a great tool to use to build stability with clients, but it can be so much more than just a balance tool. I love using it in combination with weights, as well as using the surface of the bosu instead of the ground as it challenges your stability more.

1. Bosu Burpees 12x
Start from plank position, core tight, head up. Jump up so feet come outside bosu, jump straight up holding bosu above head

2. Push ups 12x
Ensure hands under shoulders, can do from knees, or toes. Keep core tight, bring chest down first and press straight up again

3. Mountain Climbers 12per leg
Extend one leg up and out fully, keep core tight not hyper extending low back, bring knee back in towards bosu 

4. Bosu sit up 12x
Have ball in hand, ensure low back is supported by bosu. Raise bosu above head and then press up only coming up slightly and then back down

5. Lateral Lunge to Side Raise 12per leg
Have one foot on bosu, bend into that leg have the weight in the opposite hand and bring the weight towards bosu, keeping chest up. Press into leg to straighten it and raise the weight out to the side.