Outfit: Tank-Zara, Shorts-Winners, Kimono-Oak & Fort, Sandals-Red Ribbon, Necklaces-Stella & dot, Saraswati designs. Ring-Vintage, Watch-Fossil 

When I went on holidays to BC last week I knew I wanted to take photos at what we like to call "the golden hour". It's so beautiful there I had the idea in my mind of how awesome they would look, and I am sure they would have, except we missed it just by a bit, so instead we have photos at dusk. Which kind of worked with the witchy woman theme I had going on with my layered necklaces and light kimono. 
Sadly, this kimono was lost during this trip, left forgotten in a hotel room in Valemont, not to be returned. I am more sad than I should be over an article of clothing, I became weirdly attached to it, calling it momo. I think because it was the perfect lightweight article to throw over any summer dress or shorts and still feel put together. Alas, I will have to find another momo next year.
x Jenna