This past couple years I realized how much I enjoy hiking. It's a great way to get outside, enjoy the day and of course get in some exercise at the same time. The best part of where I live is it's just a 3 & a half hour drive to some seriously beautiful scenery to hike through. Jasper and Banff are both so scenic and it's a great way to get away even for a day trip or a weekend. Since I'm just getting into this too, I thought I'd put together a list of some essentials I've learned to pack along the way.

1. Adequate water. Seriously so important, my jug I lug around (jug-o-lug?) holds 2L, depends on the length of hike you're going on of course

2. Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Sunnies. Protect yourself against the elements!

3. Bear spray/bear bells. One can never be too safe, there were quite a few sightings this season, so we didn't take our chances

4. Snacks. I recommend Vega peanut butter protein bars because they're so good, also we try to bring veggies like carrots or fruits like bananas. Something quick and easy to keep you going.

5. Layer up! We started our hike at 9am and it was cool, halfway up it was smoldering hot and then when we hit the peak it was windy & chilly again.

6. Proper footwear. Some hikes are easier and your gym sneaks will be perfect for it, while others require proper footwear, I plan on investing in some boots next season so we can tackle some harder trails!

In the end it's all worth it for the views!