Outfit-Jacket-F21 (old), Dress-f21, Shoes-Zara, Necklace-Saraswati designs, Shades-Red Ribbon, Bag-Calvin Klein via Hudsons Bay, Rings-The Bay, Vintage, Watch-Fossil

To say I've become obsessed with blush tones is putting it lightly. They're so damn summery! This purse started the obsession when I picked it up in June, ever since I've aquired Keds in the same shade, nail polish, lip stick, a romper & this dress. I never really notice that I've accumulated that much of the same shade until I see it all together. The heart wants what it want's I guess. Not only is the colour perfect on this dress, it has the best back on it. I guess that would be my second obsession of the the summer, strappy dress and shoes. And this outfit is the culmination of all the things I love! 
You'll notice these photos look great too, that's because they're by Vickie. She's the bomb. 
Xo Jenna