Vacations are the best, perfect time to relax, sleep in and get some R n R. But that doesn't mean you can't do any sort of workout, and it also doesn't have to become an excuse. This circuit we did while on vacation this summer in BC, all it required was one set of small dumbbells. It was a great change from the heavy weights we'd been doing at home and was a great endurance based workout more geared to tone up the muscles. 

1. Plank Fly 12per
Use light weight dumbell, I used 5lbs for these. Get into plank position from hands, ensure hips are level and then perform fly, bring weight under body then extend out and up with straight arm, pinch shoulder blade in back 

2. Squat Jump 15x
Hold weights beside body, feet shoulder distance apart sit into feet and push straight up to jump. Ensure a soft landing and knees do not fall in while keeping chest up

3. Deadlift to Press 15x
Straight legs, hinge hips forward until you feel the pull in your hamstrings keep the back straight. Squeeze glutes to come to standing, press weights straight up overhead. 

4. Curtsy Lunges 12per side 
Start from standing, hold weights in front of body, bring one leg back behind the body and push back up to standing position, should feel this in the external hip/glute area. 

5. Tricep Extension 15x
Start in a hinge position, with a nice flat back, fully extend elbows. Should feel this one in the back of the arms, do not move anything but the elbow joint. 

6. Front to Side raise 10per
Light weight again, bring one weight in front, one to the side no higher than shoulder height. Bring straight back down and switch sides. This one is great for the shoulders!

Perform each exercise one after another for 4 circuits!