Outfit: Romper/Jacket-F21, Necklace-Saraswati designs, Ring-The Bay, Bag-Calvin Klein, Shoes-Keds

It's been so humid here lately that the idea of getting dressed is frustrating and makes me sweat. Its hot one minute then there's a torrential down pour the next. What is a girl to do? 
Rompers; a girls best friend. They're cute, easy, 1 piece and you look put together while feeling incredibly comfortable. Ah, sweet relief! This one is super light weight, the teeny tiny floral print is very sweet and it has pockets. Now if there's anything I like more than being comfortable it's being comfortable and having pockets in a dress/romper. This piece is definitely going into my luggage for summer vacation. 
Also, can you tell I'm having a moment with blush tones? Shoes, and purse. Didn't even do it on purpose. This bag followed me home last week, but it's okay, it was on sale ;)
Mr. Duke was feeling neglected while we took photos, just sitting and staring and crying at me. He's such a suck. But look at that face!