One of the absolute best parts of spring and summer is getting the bike out. My little cruiser here is a thing of love put together by a couple of my best friends and given to me as a gift. Also, it's freakin' adorable. However, it has no gears so I'm thinking next year of adding a road bike to the mix so that going up and down the hill in the river valley is more doable and I can take it off roading. Don't forget your horn to warn other people enjoying the trails & a helmet, just in case. I look super dorky in mind but I love it. 
Biking is a great source of exercise, way easier on the knees than running & is a great way to explore the great outdoors or the city you live in. Nothing has made Edmonton seem more managaeble than seeing how quick a bike ride everything can be. Going for groceries, meeting friends for coffee or just taking off for a 15-20km adventure, it's all awesome. I have the Map My Ride app to see routes around me and track my progress, and the City of Edmonton is kind enough to show some great River Valley Routes!
xo Jenna