3 long months ago I embarked on a journey, a journey to not shop! I decided to set the end date at my birthday August 20th, and the only time I wavered in that three months was to find a more appropriate one piece for family vacation. I have to admit I am proud of myself, as someone who was constantly buying, spending, getting something new.
Some lesson's I've learned over these past 3 months: 

I have a lot of clothes.

I know most of you are thinking Duuuuuh, but the amount of times I've opened my closet and lamented about not having anything to wear before this was constant. It's probably because I wanted something new each time I delved into the depths of my closet. Not being able to get anything new forced me to reasses, and rewear all my pieces.

I saved a lot of money!!!

Again, this kind of seems like a no brainer. I even forgot to put it in this post. But yes cutting back on shopping helped me save which I often need help with. I definitely have cut back on any kind of mindless spending not just clothes related but even small things for the house, dog stuff and groceries. If I don’t really need it, I put it back

I can be quite creative

I guess I had forgotten how I could mix and match and rewear one thing in so many different ways over the past few years. This has been a great lesson, give me one good piece and I'm gonna wear that baby to death!

Neutrals and basics are vital 

I, not unlike a magpie, am easily distracted by shiny things, things with patterns, bold colours, feathers! This can lead to a closet full of very pretty things, but none of them go together or are able to be worn in many ways. So investing in basics, finding things that are good quality, that fit well and all go well together is going to be important to me. 

Find the holes in your closet 

Not literal holes, but items that will tie everything together. A little black dress for example, or the perfect cable knit cozy sweater, a pair of high waisted pants. Even a fun piece like a bright coat can be the perfect addition! For me what I'm looking for this fall: the perfect grey cozy sweater dress, a red tartan coat/sweater (which I think I've found) 

I think a shopping ban is something I am going to be doing regularly, I am determined to try to buy thrift, second hand, vintage, and ethically made clothing. I think kicking my need for "new! Now!" is crucial to keep me on this bath too.