I babysat my parents dog a few weekends ago, he is the handsome brown and white boston terrier/french bulldog in these photos. Same breed as Duke but don't let his cute mug fool you, he is a handful! We lovingly call him the terrorist, as he has separation anxiety and likes to destroy blankets, pillows and duvets....FUN TIMES. I appreciate Mr.Dukes chill personality so much now. 

These shoes are gorgeous, I am so happy I found them in Beacon's closet in Brooklyn. I can see these babies getting a lot of wear, they go with everything!

When I purchased this black slip dress from Oak & Fort two summers ago I had no idea what a staple it would become in my life. It goes with everything and it's so versatile that I can wear it in a multitude of ways while it stays looking fresh. The plain white tee under a slip dress is a total throwback to 90s style again that I'm digging. Even though I was a bit of a skeptic I am all aboard the fanny pack train it seems, I found this brand new Rebecca Minkoff for $50 at Crossroads Trading co in NYC and I'm in love. It also has a strap so it's not just a fanny. 

Duke is giving Brutus some serious side eye here. Love them!
 Outfit: Dress- Oak & Fort, Tee-Who cares? Purse- Rebecca Minkoff via Crossroads trading co, Shoes- Leoffler Randall via Beacon's closets