Tulum was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, the white beaches, the blue ocean, the tacos! There's so many cute hotels along the beach and so many amazing restaurants to check out.

To do: 

Tulum Jungle Gym 

Being a personal trainer, obviously I love working out, so when I heard about this gym on the beach in Tulum I knew I had to check it out. The owner designs all the equipment and has it made locally out of wood and stone. HOW COOL! I was really stoked to try everything out, and was not disappointed, such a fantastic workout. And we got a coconut afterwards!

To eat:
Mataos / Raw Love 

Right after our workout we went to Raw Love to have the MOST amazing smoothie bowl, it was delicious and really pretty. Their raw organic food was delicious, so much tasty fruit. 
We beached it then a few hours later we had the most amazing tacos!! Yes, not disappointing, we legit walked 30 minutes to get these and we were so happy.

To see:
Tulum Ruins

I love seeing historic sites, and these ones were amazing! Not only was the history here amazing, its absolutely stunning there. You can walk through the ruins and then wander down to a small private beach and go swimming. We spent about an hour going through the ruins, then read our books on the beach, so damn lovely