Bouldering has quickly become a passion for both Darcy, myself & obviously Mr.Duke. It's such a fun activity, an amazing workout, and is like solving a fun puzzle. For me taking this up has actually helped me work on my shoulder issues, and my hip mobility. My hip mobility here doesn't look great, but that is without foam rolling and on the first squat. 

Step 1: Mobility
Deep squat and deep side lunge, perform dynamically (meaning go in and out of the movement). Perform a squat to standing 10x and side to side lunge 10xper

 2. Banded pull aparts 10x 2 sets
Pull band apart, retract the shoulder blades together and squeeze 
 3. External Rotation 10x per 2 sets
Keep elbow close to the body pull band out and open

4. Overhead pulldowns 10x 2 sets
Retract shoulder blades back and down 
 Step 2: Strengthen Grip/ Scapular retraction
Use different finger holes, try to pull yourself up using each. Perform scapular retraction to just strengthen the scapular movement and full pull ups to strengthen the whole movement.