One of my clients informed me a little while ago that she was undertaking a project, a brilliant project based on self care. She was planning on doing something every single day for a whole month to improve her self care. This ranged from seeing friends, to getting outdoors, napping when you felt like you needed, pushing yourself to work out more.
I couldn't help but be inspired and think "why don't I do that" but hell lets take it one step further, why don't we all do that? I think every single person I know could benefit of doing at least one thing a day for their own self care and well being. The best part? You can make it fit your schedule, there just has to be something every damn day. I think this is such a great undertaking and will lead to more calm, less anxiety and more self love, which we could all use.

Step 1: Grab a notebook! Don't all good journeys start here? You are going to track your self care item everyday to make sure you're on track

Step 2: Grab a lifeline, enlist a friend/lover/coworker you can count on to check in with or do the challenge together.

Step 3: Decide what self care means for you, for myself I tend to not socialize as much as I would like to because I have a very people heavy job, so scheduling time to see my ladies will be an item of self care. Since I'm up hella early most days of the week ensuring I'm sleeping enough is self care. Meal prep? That's self care! See, it's easy to find things to do that will make you feel better and more relaxed. Turning my phone off and going for a walk this afternoon with the pupper? Totally self care.

Step 4: Get on the sochmeds  (social media, for those unfamiliar) and #selfcarechallenge2018 if you are so inclined to share your progress via instagram!

Some ideas!!