Each movement pattern will be performed for 40s each with 20s rest in between, performed one after another with a longer period of rest at the end.
1. Squat to chest pass with a burpee and push.
Okay so right out of the gate with a complicated one. Sink into your hips for the squat toss it at the wall when you come to the top of the squat. Plant your hands on the ball, jump back into a plank position and perform a pushup, and jump back up to start the movement pattern again. Ensure the hips aren't sagging in the plank position, core should be engaged.
2.  Reverse lunge to press
Grab a kettle bell, start on one side perform a reverse lunge and when you come back up to standing press the kettle bell overhead keeping the core tight.
3. Kettle Bell swings
Squeeze the glutes and snap the hips up to perform the swing, this one I want you using the power from the lower body to bring the bell overhead. It is imperative that you keep your core very tight and not let momentum take you backwards here.
4. High Plank shift
With your shins on the stability ball, use your arms to shift the weight back into the ball, keeping the core tight and come back to starting position. Small movement and range of motion, but this is killer for your core/shoulders
5. Stability ball pike
Feet on stability ball, high plank, push your hips up into the air as your toes drive into the ball, bring hips back down controlled, never letting the hips fall.
6. Burpee to Single arm snatch
You need to have good shoulder stability for this one! Pop back from standing into a high plank with one arm extended on the kettle bell, jump back up to start position, then pull the kettle bell up and extend the arm straight with control but quickly.