I don't necessarily have a problem with people making resolutions; it's great when people try to better themselves! My problem is when people go about it in the wrong way and make their goals so out of reach that they are definitely going to fail. Change is hard, our habits are created through repetition, we have a cue, perform an action and get a reward. Simple, right?
Cue: Anxiety 
Action: Have a glass of wine
Reward: Less anxiety
 This is a pretty good example of a maladaptive strategy for dealing with stress and anxiety in the long term. We can change our bad habits by changing out action
Cue: Anxiety
Action: Go for a walk 
Reward: Less anxiety
Its important that this goal of changing our habits is important to us and self directed or else we'll never stick to a new plan or goal. I wrote an article about goal setting before and if you follow those directions in goal setting you're on step closer to success.

Specific: Saying “I am going to be healthier this month” is too general, it needs to be more specific such as “I am going to exercise 3x a week and cut down the refined sugar I consume”
Measurable: This means you can keep track and hold yourself accountable to it, such as going to the gym 3x a week or losing a specific amount of weight.
Actionable: This means you’re going to chose things you actually enjoy and are comfortable doing. Also are actually doable such as losing  x amount of weight in x time frame.
Relevant: These goals are important to you, they are something that has meaning and therefore you are willing to stick to.
Time Based: You have a reasonable time frame to achieve these goals in; you have an end date

It's also important to check-in with yourself or a friend (or trainer) to see how you're doing with these goals. Set a reminder on your phone once a month to do a little self reflection, this will keep you more on track & even if you have a bit of a set back will help you reset.