1. Sandbag Squats 15x
Hold sandbag in front of chest with a strong core, squat down squeeze glutes to come up and repeat. 
2. Sandbag lunges 20x total
Same hold position, step forward bend into both legs to lunge and alternate leg to keep walking.
3. Overhead press 15x
From holding in front of chest press up overhead with a tight core. 
4. Plank Pulls  15per
In a plank position pull plate towards midback and push it out again. Ensure your hips are even throughout. (10, 25 or 35lb plate depending)
5. Roll up with reach 15x
Hold plate overhead with arms straight, legs straight along the ground, slowly engage core and come up slowly, let yourself down slowly too. 
4. Burpees and hop 15x total
Perform burpee with a tight core and hop over the sandbag performing another burpee on the other side