Outfit; Tank-F21, Blazer-Dynamite, Jeans-Dynamite, Purse-Chapters, Ring-Miss Boss, Necklace-Simons, Shoes-Zara

Darcy & I are always looking for new date ideas; trying something new with someone you love is exciting. We often spend most of our dates being active, like rockclimbing, hiking etc but sometimes it's nice to put on real clothes! This is a perfect easy date night look, classic, with a twist. This is basically the only white thing I own, very light material and perfect paired with a leather blazer and a couple pops of red. 
I've teamed up with Turo to come up with some great date night ideas! 
Take a cooking class together. I love cooking as you could probably tell, and I'm always looking for fun new recipes to try. Now I may love cooking but that doesn't mean I couldn't stand to learn a thing or two (and so could my SO). Cooking together and getting to eat your hard work, what could be better?
Have a staycation! Explore your city, rent a nice car, rent a hotel room downtown, check out a restaurant you've been dying to try. It's amazing how much you can find to do in your own backyard, and way less milage to get there. 
Do a tour of your local brewery, I love me a good brew and it's always entertaining to see how your favourite drinks are made. There are a few breweries in Edmonton I've been dying to go explore, such as Alley Kat brewery. I adore all their beers so it's crazy that I haven't checked them out sooner!
Take a nice vehicle out for a cruise through the countryside and find a nice place for a picnic. As the weather turns much nicer I can't help but want to do everything outside. So grab your significant other, and maybe take a corvette for a spin.