Outfit: Jacket-Dynamite, Jeans/Top-f21, Necklace-Red Ribbon, Shoes- Aldo, ring-Vintage, Choker-The Bay

Well folks, it's official. I'm wearing a colour AND it's warm out. Guess it must be spring or something....
This jacket though! I bought it in February and it's been hanging on my wall tempting me to wear it on days when it's minus 1 million. Finally I can rid myself of wool long jackets and wrap myself in what my heart desires. Pastels and bodysuits. 
This here is a very exciting occasion as well because it's the first pair of high waisted pants I've ever owned. Yes you read that right. I have been searching for a pair for a while now, not wanting to spend too much on them as I was unsure if I'd get any real use from them. Well let me tell you, I am getting serious use out of these. My wardrobe has opened up to include so many body suits! It's an exciting time my friends