An ode to my winter workout buddy, Mr. Duke. He is my everyday workout buddy, but in the winter I find it just that much harder to go outside. Anyone who knows Duke, knows he too hates the cold, is a total baby about it. But just because it's winter doesn't mean he doesn't have energy, so we have to burn it off together by braving the elements and get outside.
Often times, this means finding a set of stairs and going up and down as many times as we can manage. Or hitting up the dog park, chasing each other, playing fetch and exploring the paths around there. I am always so grateful and happy once we've gone out, and would not get out nearly as much without this adorable guy. 
So anyone thinking of getting a dog and looking at increasing their steps, definitely the best way to do it. Taking the doggo out on an adventure is my all time favourite way to max out my steps