Outfit: Dress-F21 (old), Boots-Spring, Jacket-Gift brand is from Asia, Choker-Bamboo Ballroom, Necklace-Saraswati designs, Rings-Miss Boss & Vintage, Bag-Rebecca Minkoff (second hand)

Radio silence on my part for the last week, not because I didn't have anything ready to go but because I was in a state of anxiety over my beloved doggo Mr. Duke. He spent all last week back and forth from the vet, he wasn't eating/drinking, couldn't keep anything down but after many a test he is on antibiotics and on the mend. PHEW. I was basically a mess. Also, to anyone with a pet, PET INSURANCE, my saving grace after getting a $700 vet bill. 
So after all the nice weather we had and the mass melting it's gotten cold again. Sigh, it was bound to happen as it is still February and I am in Alberta. So it's back to 2 layers of tights, sweater dresses and wool jackets, but I tell you we're getting closer to spring. I can almost smell the floral prints! Transition seasons are always my favorites; there is the same thrill seeing the buds coming alive as there is in seeing the leaves change colours. Until then though, I am going to enjoy wearing big cozy sweaters and sipping hot drinks with my cuddly puppy.