Outfit: Sweater/Jacket-F21, Jeans-Old Navy, Necklace- Eliasz and Elizabeth, Chocker-Bamboo ballroom and Noul, Boots-Spring, Ring-Miss Boss, Purse-Calvin Klein

It's official, I am over winter. I'm cold, its grey, all my clothes are neutral and boring. And it probably won't be over till March for us. SIIIIGH. I guess I'll just work with it. I got about 3-4inches of my hair chopped off to freshen things up, shake it up with how the weather's been lately. And my mood. So since my hair's changed the weather can now any minute. 
I got a ton of clothes from some of my fabulous girlfriends who were purging their closets this fall and it's been very helpful in me not shopping as much. It's exciting to get something "new" even if it's just new to you. Like this coat from Lysndsey or countless items taken from Vickie's closet, both of whom have wicked style so mixing their pieces in with mine was perfect. I am trying not to go crazy and purchase things I don't need, making a conscious effort to save where I can!
Anyone else being frugal lately?