There's a huge new movement called Exercise is Medicine, this is an interdisciplinary movement of health professionals (doctors, physios, personal trainers) who are coming together to promote exercise instead of (or in addiction to) medications. This approach is gaining momentum and becoming recognized by more professionals, organizations and disciplines. It has been obvious to some for a long time that traditional methods of treatment for certain injuries, mental health issues, and diseases aren't always enough. Also, the fact that a simple exercise regime can do amazing things such as: 
This is fact based, study proven evidence of the effects of exercise and how bad inactivity can be for us in the long term. 
Okay, so exercise helps in all these different multifaceted health issues, so why aren't we prescribing exercise in the way we prescribe pills? Well, we are starting to and that is amazing! It is a huge passion of mine to help people live better, longer and much healthier lives. If myself and other health professional can help someone decrease their medication, feel less anxious or reduce other health risks I am happy. 
There are lots of people out there who want to sell exercise as a means to look a certain way, I want to sell exercise as a means to FEEL a certain way. This push for exercise is medicine is just that, let's help people manage their preexisting diseases, let's lower their risk for developing other issues, and live a healthier life. 
Let's do this together! #exerciseismedicine
xo Jenna