Outfit: Top-F21, Skirt-Dynamite, Necklace-Miss boss, Ring-The Bay, Coat-Hand me down, Tights/shoes-The Bay

As much as I love the bright colours of summer in my wardrobe I have to say I am an autumn girl as heart. The warmer tones are so flattering and easy to mix together. This top is an especially beautiful shade that I couldn't pass up. Also, it's super silky and that feels amazing on the skin. It's quite loose which is always a nice change of pace from my spandex active wear. 
This skirt is an amazing piece, I've worn it countless times. I love that it can be dressed up or down, and the silhouette worked well with this loose fitting top. It's sometimes hard to strike a balance with tighter fitting skirts, I love the look but I also want to be able to eat lots without having a visible food baby. It's a tough life, these are the hard choices we must face.