Since the temperatures here have gone down, we have been looking into different ways to stay active this winter. I love working out at the gym, lifting weights, pushing sleds and sprinting as much as the next girl but sometimes it`s incredibly refreshing to move your body in a different way. To try something new, something different and that challenges you in a new way. We have gone rock climbing a couple times and loved it, so when a new bouldering gym opened up close to me we had to try it. So we headed to Rock Jungle Boulders for a sunday funday.
Bouldering is similar to rock climbing without being harnessed in, which was scary and thrilling at the same time. Much like rock climbing you can`t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Literally, my hands had new callouses and my nails were a little messed up. But it was SO worth it, and we wished we had left more time in our day to do it. It was challenging and fun to try different problems on the wall. They have them labelled 1-8 for toughness as being new we started at 1 and were working our way up to level 4 problems by the end of the day. We will definitely be doing this again as the snow flies and we want to change up our routine. My lats and arms were sore for days :D

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