Shorts-Garage, Bodysuit-Bamboo Ballroom, Shoes-Aldo, Purse-Calvin Klein, Ring-The bay/Noul, Necklace-Noul. 
I bought this bodysuit when I was still blogging circa 2013 & I am glad to say that it's stood the test of time. I had a light-bulb moment shopping with Vickie the other day because she's obsessed with bodysuits. I remembered this little number and went digging to find and retrieve it from the bag almost en route to the salvation army! Now that's timing. 
It has been so humid here this summer and I was sweltering on this day, high waisted shorts + a body suit saved the day. Plus this amazing new heels I got half off from Aldo, I almost look tall! At least this gives the illusion that I have long legs ;) 
xo Jenna