Plyometric workouts are an amazing way to get that heart rate up, burn fat and build power. These exercises are best done if  you have good strength & stability especially through the knee joints. Ensuring proper form is key! Also not to be done if you are pregnant or have had a baby, high impact is unfortunately not your friend. 

1. Bench Jump 6-8x
Ensure feet are shoulder distance apart and knees don't fall in when you land. Jump up onto bench and down back onto ground. 

2. 1 leg step up to hop 6-8per
Step onto bench push off this leg to bring opposite knee up and back down

3. Skaters 6-8 per side
Weight on one leg press off this one laterally hopping to land on other leg & stabilize. 

4. Long jumps 6-8x
Squat and jump off this base and jump forward landing softly with knees not falling in

5. Burpees 6-8x
Jump up then plant hands on ground jump feet back to a plank position, bring knees back in and jump up again

Do each of these and then repeat 4-5 sets

6. Push up + Clap 6x

Feet elevated lower chest to ground press up very quickly so you have time to clap and bring hands back to starting position. DIFFICULT!