1. Side Plank Dips
Ensure hips are level, can be on one forearm or from hand as in the photo. Extend the other arm overhead or have it resting on hip. Lower hip down and contracting obliques bring hip back up. Repeat 10x per side 

2. Plank Taps
 plank from hands, ensure you are level from head to toes. Core is tight and glutes are contracting, put weight into one hand and tap opposite shoulder. Try your best not to shift weight between hips, keep them level! Go back and forth between shoulders. 10 taps per side

3. Up downs.
 This one is great for the shoulders, start from a high plank position and lower yourself onto your forearms and then back into a high plank position. You can do this from your knees also! 5 per side

4. 1 leg glute bridge.
 Laying on your back, 1 leg on the ground close to your bum and squeeze your bum to lift your hips up. Lower back down slow and controlled. 10x per leg. 

5. Jumping Jacks.
 Ensure that when you're jumping, knees do not fall in. 20x

Repeat this circuit 4-5x, resting 1 minute between sets.