The weekends are meant for many things: Brunching, sleeping in, catching up with friends & being active. Weekends are a great time to get out and try those things that you dont have time to do during the week. This weekend why dont you: 

1. Run some stairs with friends. Swap out your brunching with friends to stairs with friends! Or stairs then brunch, burn off the eggs bennies before you even get em. 

2. Go explore your city via bicycle. There is something so great about getting to see a different side of your city when you see it on bike. Map out your trails and pit stops along the way! 

3. Do an outdoor workout. Its summertime might as well enjoy it before its over, there are lots of circuits that dont need any equipment

4.  Try something new: Golf, a spin class, an outdoor boot camp, hiking, go rock climbing (we did that last weekend, SO fun).