Now that it's officially summer (even though the weather may disagree) its shorts season, its the season of tank tops, bathing suits and being outside. It's time to shed the layers, and with that time to shed our insecurities about our bodies. There are many women (and men!) I know who would prefer to suffer in the heat in full pants and a sweatshirt than let anyone see their legs, arms, etc. Why in the world should we suffer rather than be comfortable? Because society has told us our bodies need to be perfect, that our bodies should have no hair/cellulite/excess body fat in order to be ready for public consumption?
Fuck that narrative. 
I say wear that crop top, tank top, show off your thighs. I totally 100% understand feeling insecure about my body, there are things I have been really really hard on myself for in the past. These things are things no one else notices but me. I have also noticed that the individuals who comment on others bodies are the ones who are insecure in their own bodies. Sooo: 

  1.  If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all.
  2.  If you wouldn't say it to a friend, don't say it to yourself
  3.  Wear whatever feels comfortable (that doesn't mean a sweatshirt in july, if you're at risk of overheating, that's not good) 
  4. Dress for yourself. Or for your best friend.
  5. You're never "too" something for any outfit. Too big for shorts? NOPE. Too much skin showing? NOPE. Too much cellulite? HELLLL NAH.

Your body your choice in all regards, what you put on it, what you do with it, all that. My hope for anyone who reads this is to have one less moment of fear when getting dressed this summer, to enjoy the hot days a little bit more instead of hiding. I'll do my best to try to do the same, to own my body and be comfortable in my own skin; I have moments where the overarching narrative I've been fed my whole life infiltrates my brain and I think "I've got too much ____ for this outfit" which I know is bs. What helps me is supporting others, I raise myself up by raising others up too.