These pants are transitioning quite nicely into spring and hopefully summer as well. They are super lightweight which will be awesome when it gets warmer. I love that I went for something bold like this and am getting my use out of them, they just make me so happy. So say it loud and say it proud BEETLEJUICE!

 With bold prints like these pants, best to keep everything neutral, which is most of my wardrobe anyways. I've had this denim jacket for almost 4 years now, and its gotten to that perfect spot of worn in and lovely. It's from forever 21, so not where I want to be shopping but I think if I've worn it for 3-4 years it's not exactly "fast" fashion. I like keeping pieces for a long time. 

Top/Pants-Red Ribbon, Jacket- F21, Shoes-Aldo, Necklaces-Miss Boss, Ring-Saraswati designs