1. Split Squats 30 seconds per side

Back foot elevated flat on the bench, sink into your front leg and squeeze your glute to come back up. 

 2. Alternating Leg lowers 

Ignore my face, this was the best face I made. Sit on edge of bench, bring legs up slightly alternating leg lowers back and forth. Make sure you don't feel this in your lower back. 

3. Jump Squats 30 seconds

 Sink into your hips, push through the heels to pop up and jump, soft landing. Ensure your knee's don't fall in. 

 4. Dips 30 seconds

Hands behind back facing out, sink into your shoulders and press back up. 

5.  Plank Rotations 30 seconds

High plank position, rotate to one side, and then back to the other side. 

6.  Step up Hops 30 seconds per leg

Step up and drive other knee up keeping the core nice and tight. Step back down and repeat. 

7. Mountain Climbers  30 seconds

Plank on the forearms, drive knees in towards chest, keeping back nice and flat, alternating back and forth.