This is a great workout to really burn your legs out, build strength as well as endurance at the same time. These super sets are meant to be done with the strength exercise first, followed immediately by the endurance exercise with a little rest after completed.  

1. Split Squats 5 per leg

Split stance, sink into the loaded position and press back up, squeeze the glutes and ensure knees don't go over toes. 

1a. Reverse lunges 12per leg 

 Ensure core is stable and press through heel of foot and squeeze through the top, make sure knee doesn't fall in. 
Rest 1 minute and perform 4 sets

1. Goblet Squat 5 reps 

Feet just wider than shoulder distance, sink low into hips and push through the feet straight up and squeeze the glutes. 

 2a. Travelling curtsy's 12per leg

Can be performed without a weight, come into a curtsy lunge pushing off that leg and continue moving down the track performing curtsys on the same side. 

Rest 1 minute and perform 4 sets

 3. Sled Push 15m

 3a. Side lunge to step up 12per leg

Side lunge, push off that leg and step up with it and drive other knee up. 

 Rest 1 minute and perform 4 sets