We were power walking through Simons to get to the movies when I spotted this leopard print skirt. I couldn't help myself from quickly trying it on...and then promptly buying it. I used to have one quite similar & in hind side I think getting rid of it was a mistake. Although I think that my butt got too big for it....Damn you deadlifts!!!

I am going to wear the shit out of this skirt, I can just tell. So while this was a bit of an impulse purchase, it actually wasn't. I had been looking to add two things to my wardrobe: Something leopard print and a new skirt. BAM both of those things covered in one. This feminist AF shirt will always be in my top rotations; so will this faux fur stole. A fur stole immediately makes any outfit look that much better!
Outfit: Tee-Shein, Skirt-Simons, Jacket-Dynamite, Faux fur- H&M (6 years ago..) Shoes-Aldo