I am so excited it's finally nice enough out to get my wheels out and go explore the city the way I like best. Biking is definitely one of my favourite forms of summertime exercise, it's fun and it's a great way to get around. The river valley here is the best place to go for a cruise, we spent an hour and a half biking and that was only a small portion of the river valley.
Whether you're going for a cruise or have a mountain bike it's great exercise.

Must haves: 

  • A bike helmet! I may not be wearing mine for the photo op but I never ride without one. Side note: When I was 10 I was hit by a car, if I hadn't been wearing my helmet my head would have been cracked open. 
  • A bike lock, it's nice to take pit stops along the way especially on a long ride. Nothing beats a cold beer or smoothie after 2 hours of biking
  • Map my ride app, so you know how far/how fast you're going! 
  • A friend! I love biking on my own to get around but it's nice to have a friend to grab a bit with after all that hard work.