Hamstring Stretch: 
Cross one foot in front of the other, hinge forward until you feel a pull in the back of your leg. Ensure you're keeping a flat back like pictured though, doesn't do you any good to round the back to get into a deeper stretch. 
30s per side

Glute med/Piriformis Stretch: 
Find something at about hip height (or lower just bend the back knee then) place leg onto plateform bent with your foot in front of your hip. If you need to get a deeper stretch bring torso over the knee 
30s per side 

Supported Hamstring Stretch: 
Find a platform again about hip height or lower, straighten the leg out toes flexed towards face, hinge with a flat back as far as you can go forward.
30s per leg  

Hip flexor stretch: 
Foot flat on same platform, foot flat in the back as well, squeeze glute pushing hips forward slightly, should feel it in the front of your hip. 
30s per side 

Supported Quad stretch (hip flexor as well): 
Using platform, place toes of  one foot on top. Ensure hips are level, knee bent, not rounding the low back to stretch that quad. 
30s per side